(KY-175 ℃ KYNAR) difference PVDF heat shrink tubing and heat shrinkable Teflon tube


Dongguan City Branch-thermal Material Co. KEYUACE in the PVDF heat-shrinkable tubing is cross-linked by the irradiation of high-performance specialty polymers made of transparent flame retardant heat shrinkable tube . Long-term use at high temperatures, abrasion resistance, cut resistance, most of the oil and chemical solvents. Widely used in the high temperature solder joints, industrial fuels, solvents and chemical reagents erosion, termination and connection cable protection

Teflon high quality extruded Teflon sintering, has excellent electrical insulation, high fire-retardant and self-lubricating properties, resistance to extreme temperatures and chemical agents, resistance to almost all of the oil and chemicals. Widely used in automotive, military, aerospace, electronic
Workers, and other fields.

Their common characteristic from the characteristic point of view, PVDF and Teflon heat shrink tubing heat shrink tubing high temperature resistance, cut resistance, chemical resistance and other differences are not too large.

Compare PVDF heat shrink tubing and Teflon:
1 better than Teflon heat shrink tubing prices on PVDF 2 PVDF heat-shrinkable tube density less than Teflon
3 PVDF heat-shrinkable tube is slightly higher than the mechanical strength of Teflon
4 PVDF heat-shrinkable tube temperature slightly worse than Teflon heat shrinkable tube.

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