Testing and Function of braided sleeving

Braid is one of the basic components of a semiconductor, a current amplification, the core components of electronic circuits. Various types of domestic crystal braid There are many kinds of different pin arrangement, the use of uncertain pin arrangement of braid, must be measured to determine the correct position of the pin, or use the manual to find the transistor, braided clear characteristics of network management and the corresponding technical parameters and information. Braided sleeving is woven with tough environmental PET monofilament, with strong flexibility, abrasion resistance, flame resistance and elastic properties.
Reverse characteristics of the test, the multimeter red pen to take the positive contact of the braid, black pen ride braided sleeving negative contact, if hands refers to the infinite value or a value approaching infinity, the tube is acceptable. Forward characteristics of the test, the multimeter black pen (inner positive) take positive contact braid, the red pen (inner negative) take the negative contact of the braid. If hands are not placed a value of 0 but stopped in the middle of the dial, then the resistance is braid forward resistance, resistance is generally positive as possible. If the forward resistance value of 0, indicating short-circuit damage die if the forward resistance value approaching infinity, indicating die break. Short circuit and open circuit pipe can not be used.
Switching elements, braid in the forward voltage is applied very little resistance in the conduction state, the equivalent of a switch is turned on; reverse voltage is applied, the resistance is large, in the off state, as a disconnect switch . Using the switching characteristics of the braid, can be composed of various logic circuits. Detection braid, radio plays a role in detection. Varactor braid, used in the TV tuner. Limiting element, knitting after NM is the wizard, the forward voltage drop essentially unchanged (silicon germanium tube is 0.7V to 0.3V pipe use this feature, as a limiter circuit element, the signal amplitude is limited to a certain range inside following flow weave network, switching power supply inductance and inductive load such as a relay play following the flow effect.

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