The main function of automotive wiring harness


Braid for various types of vehicles, aircraft, air conditioners and other household appliances wiring. Automotive wiring harness is defined by punching copper from the contact terminals (connectors) after crimping and wire and cable, plastic outside and then applied pressure insulator or metal shell so as to form an assembly connected to the harness strapping circuit. In modern vehicles, particularly automotive wiring harness, electronic control systems and harnesses have a close relationship.

Automotive wiring harness is the main network of car circuit, connected to the car's electrical and electronic components and allowed to function without the harness does not exist in automotive circuits. At the moment, whether it is high-level luxury car or economy ordinary car, in the form of woven wire harness is basically the same, all the wires, and associated plug wrap tape composition, it has to ensure that electrical signals, but also to ensure that the connection circuit the reliability of electrical and electronic components to supply a predetermined current value, around the circuit to prevent electromagnetic interference, and to exclude electrical short circuit.

Automotive wiring harness up points from the function, the drive has to perform a power line carrying element actuator power and sensor input command signal transfer line two kinds. Power lines transporting crude wire high current and the signal line is not fine wires carrying power optical fiber communication; for example, wire cross-sectional area of ​​the signal circuit is 0.3,0.5mm2. Wire selection, in addition to considering electrical properties, but also constrained by the physical properties of the vehicle-mounted, so the wide range of options.

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