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Thermal materials thermal materials, also known as shape memory polymer materials, polymer materials and radiation processing technology combined with an intelligent cross-type material. Common polymeric materials such as polyethylene, polyvinyl chloride typically linear structure, after radiation of electron accelerators and other sources into the network structure, these materials will have a unique & ldquo; & rdquo ;, expansion memory effect, cooling when heated, the material stereotypes can shrink again to restore the original shape. Memory performance thermal materials may be used for the production of heat-shrinkable tubing, membranes and shaped wood, the main feature is clad in heat shrinkage outer surface of the object, can play insulation, moisture, sealing, protecting and connecting role, diameter shrinkage material shrinkage of up to 50% -80%. Electronic and electrical materials with thermal shrinkable material is China's leading product, the main products include heat shrinkable tube, busbar tube, double-wall tube, heat shrinkable sheathing, cable accessories, pipe stress, etc., followed by heat as well as pipeline corrosion shrink materials, including heat shrinkable tape, shrink sleeve, waterproof caps. China Electronic thermal material larger number of production enterprises, but mainly concentrated in the low-end market competition. China power grid to benefit from the scale of investment growth, strong thermal electric power class materials market demand. China's automobile market heat shrinkable material is mainly occupied by foreign manufacturers, domestic enterprises accounted for only 20% market share. But with the thermal material on the domestic auto industry through a comprehensive certification and price advantage, domestic automotive heat shrink tubing, market share shrink tube with a plastic inner layer is expected to further improve.

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