HUS with plastic double-wall heat shrink tubing applications in the automotive industry


Cars need to use HUS listed double-wall with plastic heat shrink tubing to seal the protection of automotive wiring harness, automotive wiring harness Branch-shrinkable semi-rigid double-wall pipes and special cars with special tubing with plastic double-wall heat shrink tubing is designed for Automotive harness pipelines to seal protection. Advantages automotive wiring harness special semi-rigid double-walled tube are: insulation, corrosion, wear, inner layer has a low melting point, sealing the cartridge mechanical strain buffering. Advantages automotive tubing special double-walled tube that is effective to prevent damage due to vibration, friction, and corrosion caused by the pipeline to improve reliability. Such double-wall with plastic heat shrink tubing is divided into inner and outer layers, the outer layer of high pressure low density polyethylene and ethylene vinyl acetate copolymer (EVA) mixture is a thin inner layer of hot melt adhesive sticky strong sealing resin. When the double-wall heat shrink tubing with plastic tubing with a diameter greater than the state of the tubing set into the surface, and then positioning the heating, with plastic double-wall heat shrink tubing will shrink to a predetermined size, through the inner layer of hot melt adhesive, the heat shrink tube and tubing tightly connected together, without any gap in the middle, this pipeline protection method can greatly improve the life of automotive tubing. Cars containing plastic double-wall heat shrink tubing is accompanied by the increase of automobile brake pipe corrosion requirements arising from the new material, in the early 1990s he entered the country in recent years was only universal application. Special arrangements in the current small car engine power and an increase in the installation of ABS and power steering, brake tubing is more complex, often appear interference problems between the tubing and the tubing and related parts between the double-wall with plastic heat shrinkable tube tubing provides a reliable protection.

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