Braid can be used to protect pipelines and cables


Braid in the metallurgical industry, high-temperature molten steel often sputtered out, unprotected pipes or wires can be damaged thereby (welding industry, too), and then there, here are some of the molten steel in the pipe or wire form slag after solidification, will make pipes or wires outer rubber hardening, embrittlement and eventually rupture. Braid, which can maximize the protection of some pipes, wires and equipment inside the case, to greatly extend its life.
Stretch woven network using environmentally friendly PET for fine wire is made with good flexibility, flame resistance, abrasion resistance and thermal insulation products smooth surface, bright color, great variety. The products are widely used in computer power cord, audio video cable, automotive, aerospace, wire and cable and other industries, protect and beautify the role. The other can be customized according to customer requirements of various colors, all kinds of tricks and UV fluorescent colors.
Materials: nontoxic PET material.
Purpose: computer lines and other wire protection and tighten.
Characteristics: excellent flexibility, easy to bend, can be tight loose, easy-to-wire operation, good flexibility, elasticity and abrasion resistance.

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