Aeration Technology of Water Treatment Engineering in Sewage Plant

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2022-09-23 22:13

Advantages of high transparent TPU hose with large inner diameter for municipal water treatment pool /

High transparent TPU Tubing for sewage treatment / Hydrolysis resistant TPU Tubing 


Advantages :

  1.   The installation is convenient and the installation flatness requirements are low. The gas transmission Tube and the aeration Tube at the bottom of the pool are combined into one, and no additional Tubeline equipment is required; the air distribution is uniform.
  2.  The strong elasticity of the TPU material makes the aeration aperture correspondingly variable with the size of the air supply.
  3.  The excellent strength of TPU material can make the thickness of the Tube wall to 25% of that of rubber and PVC material aerators, which can greatly reduce the loss of aeration resistance and achieve the purpose of energy saving.
  4.  Long-term operation and use, the operating cost is very economical.
  5.  TPU material, the performance is more perfect than other types of aerators, the service life is longer, and the product material itself is more environmentally friendly.
  6.  Reasonable structure, excellent TPU material, and professional installation technology make the TPU aeration and oxygenation hose run more stably, and maintenance is almost unnecessary for long-term use.
  7.  It also has the characteristics of high pressure resistance, oil resistance, weather resistance, corrosion resistance, bending resistance, etc., and it is light in weight, soft and convenient to use, and the weight per unit length is 60% lighter than that of PVC variable-hole aeration hoses. The microporous method increases the oxygen utilization rate to 30%~45%.
  8.  Due to the characteristics of resistance to bending and winding, it can be curled and packaged, making the package very small and more convenient for transportation.

Hydrolysis resistant TPU Sleeving / Large Spec transparent TPU Hose Application :

Provide fine bubbles;   activated sludge nitrification oxygen supply;

Continuous/intermittent gas supply system; oxygen delivery before biological reaction and fixed bed;

Activated sludge tank mixing and stirring (municipal and industrial sewage);

Aeration in the sedimentation tank; aeration in aerobic aeration tank;

water body re-restoration system;

aquaculture, etc.