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WAG-Corrugated Plastic Conduit

Product Overview:

WAG-corrugated tube made of PE, PA, PP extrusion molding, It can be used to protect wires and cables from mechanical damage such as scratches and breaks.  The corrugated pipe has the advantages of good flexibility, good bending, acid resistance and wear resistance. corrugated cable conduit plays the role of protecting wire harnesses, cables and wires, and is more suitable for some corners or curved wires to play a protective role.  Corrugated plastic conduit Can be customized flame retardant,  Split corrugated tube
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  • WAG-corrugated tube(Helical Convolex Tubing) Used as a conduit to provide mechanical protection for electrical wiring systems.

    Corrugated pipe is suitable for the machinery and equipment, automation equipment, automation control, bus, train, electrical switchgear, etc.  WAG-corrugated tube can also be used for water outlet pipes of air conditioners and refrigerators, etc.


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  • PE Material  PA Material  PP Material  Inner diameter * Outer diameter
    Bending radius
    WAG-PE-7 WAG-PA-7 WAG-PP-7 4.5*7.0 5.0 200M/roll
    WAG-PE-8.5 WAG-PA-8.5 WAG-PP-8.5 5.5*8.5 8.0 100M/roll
    WAG-PE-10 WAG-PA-10 WAG-PP-10 7.0*10.0 10.0 100M/roll
    WAG-PE-12 WAG-PA-12 WAG-PP-12 8.5*11.5 15.0 100M/roll
    WAG-PE-13 WAG-PA-13 WAG-PP-13 10.0*13.0 20.0 100M/roll
    WAG-PE-15.8 WAG-PA-15.8 WAG-PP-15.8 12.0*15.8 30.0 100M/roll
    WAG-PE-18.5 WAG-PA-18.5 WAG-PP-18.5 14.3*18.5 40.0 100M/roll
    WAG-PE-21.2 WAG-PA-21.2 WAG-PP-21.2 17.0*21.2 45.0 100M/roll
    WAG-PE-25 WAG-PA-25 WAG-PP-25 21.0*25.0 50.0 100M/roll
    WAG-PE-28.5 WAG-PA-28.5 WAG-PP-28.5 23.0*28.5 55.0 50M/roll
    WAG-PE-34.5 WAG-PA-34.5 WAG-PP-34.5 29.0*34.5 60.0 50M/roll
    WAG-PE-42.5 WAG-PA-42.5 WAG-PP-42.5 36.0*42.5 70.0 25M/roll
    WAG-PE-54.5 WAG-PA-54.5 WAG-PP-54.5 48.0*54.5 80.0 25M/roll

    1 when ordering, please indicate color.
    2 we can according to customer demand for special packaging and corrugated tube sizes and colors.
    3 all of the above data are common values, not including custom size。

  • Technical parameters :

    Material :   PE,   PA,   PP


    Working temperature:

    PE :  - 40 ℃, + 90 ℃

    PA6 :  - 40 , + 125 ,   - 40 , + 150 ℃,    

    PP :  - 30 ℃ - + 120 ℃


    Standard color:

    Black, other color can be customized

    Certification: ROHS2.0

    Cutting tools, scissors

    Other features: high wear resistance, acid resistance, resistance to solvents and gasoline