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KPT- Polyimide Tube(Kapton Tube)

Product Overview:

PI TUBE ( also can called Kapton Tube ) Widely use in :  Thermistor insulation Tube, electron probe and electrical level casing, temperature sensor sleeve, electric heating element casing, high temperature corrosive liquid and gas precision catheter. 
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  • KPT- Polyimide High Temperature Tube ( also called PI Tube or Kapton Tube), As a precise tube with special geometric size, electrical, mechanical and chemical properties, it can be used as a protective casing, such as space, organism and internal, underground, nuclear power station, and industrial facilities, and so on, such as space volume, high and low temperature environment, complex electrical apparatus and radiation environment. The insulation casing, the gas liquid tube and so on. 

    Key words:
    • PI Tube
    • Kapton Tube
    • Motor insulation tube
    • Engine Insulation Protection
  • PI TUBE ( Kapton Tube ) can Customized specifications according to customer requirements

    Minimum specification is ID 0.1MM, The largest specification inner diameter is 63.5MM now.

    •  Long-term temperature resistance can reach 250 .


    •  high temperature and low temperature resistance, low temperature non melting, high temperature at 400 degrees, no softening   deformation, allowing 240 long term use.


    • excellent electrical insulation, dielectric constant of about 3.4, and dielectric strength of not less than 120KV/mm.


    • excellent mechanical properties, tensile strength of not less than 150MPa, elongation elongation of not less than 10%.


    •  stable chemical properties, resistant to all kinds of organic solvents except alkaline solutions.


    • excellent radiation resistance, low release gas under thermal vacuum.


    • the friction coefficient of material surface is about 0.5, which can be well bonded with many kinds of binders.