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Product Overview:

Made of special PVC material by extrusion process. PVC tube designed for all kinds of hoses, metal pipe / piece protection and Electrician /electrical industry, Or used in oil tubing and gas tube applications. Also suitable for filed with high requirements for cold tolerance.
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  • PVC Soft Tube application range

    PVC transparent hose is suitable for industrial and agricultural, engineering, fishery and other fields. At normal temperature, the liquid pressure of general working pressure can also be used for door lock handle sheath, craft gift packaging and children's toys. Can be widely used in water infusion and water transportation, PVC handbags, bag handle accessories, PVC pipe hanging process weaving. Hanging line, fishing gear lighting accessories, food, medical equipment machinery PVC pneumatic pipe tool accessories, construction, Chemicals, casing tubes, wire and wire insulation, craft supplies accessories, electrical appliances, electronic equipment, toys, stationery, supplies, packaging, bath hoses and other related industries.

    Product Features: Soft, abrasion resistant, acid resistant, cold resistant, corrosion resistant, oxidation resistant, flame retardant,


    electrical insulation, non-toxic, odorless


    Color: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, gray, white, light, semi-transparent.  Color, specifications, can be customized.


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