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SYT quartz fiber pipe

Product Overview:

Quartz fiber casing by quartz fiber woven, quartz fiber refers to the silica content more than 99.90%, 1-15 microns in size between the special glass fiber. Quartz fiber has the very high heat resistance, can at 1050 ℃ for long-term use, instant high temperature of 1700 ℃. Quartz fiber has excellent electrical insulation at the same time, its dielectric constant and dielectric loss factor is one of the best mineral fibre of all. Quartz fiber casing is made of quartz fiber woven, widely used in used in aerospace, military industry, semiconductor, oil chemical industry, building materials, electrical and electronic, heat insulation, high temperature filtration, etc.
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  • Inner Dia. 0.5mm-100mm
    Wall Thick 0.1mm-1.5mm
    Roll Length 50mtrs,100mtrs