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WHR-Anticorrosion heat shrink wrapping tape

Product Overview:

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  • Product introduction:

    1.Anticorrosion heat-shrink wrapped with tape and polyethylene heat shrink wrapping, shrink bands, such as hot band, is composed of radiation Crosslinking polyethylene sheeting (substrate) and special hot-melt glue a Ribbon is a composite anti-corrosion materials. Modification of radiation Crosslinking polyethylene sheet (base material) compared with ordinary polyethylene, with high mechanical strength, and longer service life, corrosion resistance, ageing resistance, environmental stress cracking resistance, compound hot melt adhesive with strong adhesion, sealing and other characteristics.

    2.The product structure is divided into three layers (commonly known as 3PE): inner layer is applied to the surface of two-component solvent-free epoxy primer, hot-melt adhesive layer for excellent corrosion protection, the outermost substrate radiation modification of low density polyethylene. When you use the two-tier structure in hot shrink belt (commonly known as 2PE), do not epoxy primer. A few cases have also taken pipe outside coating for the second floor (two-layer PE corrosion protection), is in contact with pipe sealing hot-melt Adhesive, with outer surface of cross-linked polyethylene. Jacket antiseptic, is made of foam jacket set (inner) hot melt adhesives (middle) and substrates (outer layer).

    3.The product is intended for operating temperature does not exceed 80 degrees designed for the corrosion protection of buried steel pipeline, shrink wrapping, winding winding in the line and can be used for pipe of large-area damage covering corrosion, through sacrifice, covering protection, corrosion protection for steel pipe shaped joints provide long-term protection.

    4.Mainly used for oil and gas transmission pipelines, drainage pipelines, mending, elbows, bends, tees and special piece such as flange corrosion and pipe damage repair, can also be used in the entire pipeline anti-corrosion treatment。   

  • Models/specifications Heat shrinkable band width (MM) Applied pipe Heat-shrinkable length(MM)
    HWR50 50 Less than ¢114 20 25 30
    HWR75 75 Less than ¢159 20 25 30
    HWR100 100 Less than ¢168 20 25 30
    HWR150 150 ¢168-219 20 25 30
    HWR200 200 ¢219-325 20 25 30
    HWR250 250 ¢325-1016 20 25 30

    The above product thickness range: 1.4-3.0mm, thickness: 1.6,1.8,2.0,2.2mm
    Special sizes can be customized according to customer demand.