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D-436 Series Yellow Heat Shrinkable Connector Terminals

Product Overview:

D-436 Series Yellow Heat Shrinkable Connector Terminals /Heat Shrink Butt Connectors / D-436 Series Splice Butt Terminals
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  • D-436 Series Yellow Heat Shrinkable Connector Terminals, Sealed in-line crimp fittings provide long-term performance and exceptional reliability in challenging environments. These crimp fittings feature a lightweight, low-profile design for applications where space savings and environmental sealing are critical. Sealed in-line crimp fittings consist of a copper-plated crimp sleeve, meltable insert, and a heat-shrink clear sealing sleeve. Insulating sleeves provide electrical connections with environmental protection from the ingress of liquids, such as hydraulic oils, aviation fuels and lubricants, and the resulting chemical and galvanic corrosion. Heat shrink tubing also provides stress relief to the splices and is suitable for aircraft, aerospace vehicles and similar applications that withstand hurricane force winds and high humidity conditions.


    These sealed in-line crimp fittings are designed for the harsh environments found in the aerospace and defense industries .

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  • D-436 Series Butt Connector Terminals Spec.



    KEYUACE terminal series products have a complete range and can be customized. You are welcome to send us an email for consultation.

  • TE's D-436 series Butt Connection Terminals of the same quality.

    Features and Benefits:

    • Compact and lightweight design
    • Simple one-step installation
    • Anti-immersion
    • Environmentally sealed to prevent liquid penetration and corrosion
    • Suitable for harsh environments