Automobile Flame Retardant Corrugated Tube

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2022-07-28 11:49

KEYUACE automotive flame-retardant Corrugated Tube are widely used in the automotive industry. The manufacturing process of this Corrugated Tube is  relatively complicated, including four parts :  Heat treatment, Surface treatment, Shaping process and stabilization process.



Heat treatment of flame-retardant Corrugated Tube :

For flame-retardant Corrugated Tube to have good elastic properties, heat treatment is an indispensable process. The heat treatment of the Corrugated Tube can eliminate work hardening during the manufacturing process, restore the plasticity of the flame-retardant Corrugated Tube, and at the same time strengthen the material and obtain elasticity. The heat treatment of Corrugated Tube has its own quality requirements both inside and outside. The internal requirement is to obtain a certain organizational state, grain size and mechanical properties of the product after heat treatment; the external quality is mainly the degree of surface oxidation after heat treatment.

The surface treatment process of KEYUACE flame-retardant Corrugated Tube mainly includes degreasing, loosening oxide scale and pickling, etc., so that the surface of the flame-retardant Corrugated Tube is smooth and clean.


Shaping process of flame-retardant Corrugated Tube :

After the corrugated tube is formed, because of the elastic rebound, the wave distance and wave shape of the corrugated tube are different from the requirements of the absorber, so it must be reshaped. For flame-retardant Corrugated Tube made of work-hardened materials, generalists use manual and mechanical shaping methods. For the flame-retardant corrugated pipe made of dispersion hardening material, the corrugated pipe is shaped by putting it into the aging fixture, and finally the shaping effect is achieved.


Stable treatment process of flame-retardant Corrugated Tube :

The Corrugated Tube will generate internal stress during the processing, which will make the elasticity and geometric dimensions of the product unstable. The purpose of stabilization is to eliminate stress, stabilize performance and geometric dimensions. The stabilization treatment of KEYUACE Corrugated Tube includes thermal stabilization treatment process and mechanical stabilization treatment process. Under normal circumstances, only thermal stabilization treatment is performed, and mechanical stabilization treatment is performed when there are special requirements.