Connectors & Terminals

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2022-07-28 11:49

KEYUACE specializes in the production of high-quality cold-pressed terminals, waterproof terminals, connectors,  KEYUACE products are widely used in AIR STERILIZER , WATER TRAP DISINFECTOR,Solar energy, construction industry, shipbuilding, aerospace etc.

Cold-pressed terminals



Product introduction

Cold-pressed terminals, also known as insulated terminals, are usually joints on wires, cables, or electrical equipment that are pressed at low temperatures. The product is made of 99.9% high-purity industrial copper, the surface is plated with matte tin, the tail seam is welded with silver, the inner hole is threaded, and the imported insulating sleeve is distinguished by international common colors.


Product categories:


 round, needle-shaped, U-shaped, double-tube shape.



English Name:

  1. Terminals ,  2)  Cold terminals ,  3)  Bare-side head ,   4) Fully insulated ends
  1. The tube ends,  6)  Pre-insulating Terminal ,  7) Copper nose