New Energy Vehicles Corrugated Tube

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2022-07-28 11:49

New Energy Automobile Corrugated Tube


KEYUACE 's PA6 Corrugated Tube / Nergy vehicles Corrugated Tube has been widely used in the New Energy Vehicle Industry, Buses, Automobile and other Industrial field.

KEYUACE 's Automobile Corrugated Loom Tubing can withstand high temperature up to 150 degrees Celsius for a long time, flame retardant grade V0.   KEYUACE test standard :  temperature resistance High ( meet: 175 degrees 240 hours),  Heat aging (meet 150 degrees 3000 hours) .

KEYUACE 's light, flexible corrugated cable conduit ( Nylon Corrugated hoses ) also widely use for Led, Lighting , Wires&Cables , electronic appliances and other fields.

New energy vehicle wiring harness protection corrugated hose, Please contact KEYUACE in China.