KEYUACE product description

Release time:

2022-07-28 11:49

KEYUACE provides electrical and mechanical insulation solutions for the Automotive, Electrical/Utility, Electronics and Communications markets. KEYUACE Founded in 2015 and KEYUACE'S insulating protective sleeving/Braided sleeving&woven sleeving /heat shrink tube /Terminals has been widely used all over in the world .


KEYUACE products include: Braided sleeving, self closing with overlap Braided sleeving, heat shrink sleeve, EVA heat shrink tube,Luminous heat shrink tube,DR-oil resistant heat shrink tube, heat shrink busbar tube , heat shrink tube with adhesive, heat shrink terminals,Heat shrinkable splice, Solder ring terminal,  Silicone heat shrink tubeTeflon heat shrink tube,Teflon tube, PTFE Tube, Ptfe heat shrink tube,  PVDF tube, PVDF heat shrink tube, KYNAR heat shrink tube, heat shrinkable double wall tube,  anti-skid pattern tube ,Anti-slip heat shrink tube  , Butt connector terminals, Cold terminals, Ring-terminals, cold shrink cable tube,  PVC dental chair equipment hose, PVC double-layer hose,  beauty equipment hose, Teflon bellows ,Corrugated tube, Chemical silicone tape , Silicone self-adhesive tape etc, More than 360 kinds of products, widely used in the fields of electronics, power, metallurgy, petrochemical, automobile, high-speed rail, coal mine and aerospace,The products are exported to more than 30countries and regions such as Europe.