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KY-JL environment friendly crosslinking sleeving

Product Overview:

KY-JL non-shrinkable tube is made of soft, flame retardant, radiation cross linked polyolefin compound Crosslinking casing made of environment-friendly 125 ℃. This product does not contain chlorinated PCBs and PBBs PBBs, polybrominated biphenyl oxides PBBOs, polybrominated diphenyl ether PBBEs, PBDES and other substances dangerous to the environment, in line with European RoHSG environmental protection directives and the environmental requirements of SONY SS00259. Applied to the cable insulation protection and coating of wire harnesses and electronic components, is the traditional alternatives to PVC casing.
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  • Operation indicator:
    Continuous use temperature:-55℃~125℃;Conformance to standard:Approval;UL224 125 ℃ VW-1

  • Product features:
    1. heat resistance, good resistance to temperature of 125 ° c, flexible, highly flame retardant
    2. excellent physical, chemical and electrical properties
    3. no chlorine compounds, PCBs, PCPs and polybrominated biphenyls PBBs, polybrominated biphenyl oxides PBBOs PBBEs, polybrominated biphenyl ethers, PBDEs environmentally harmful substances
    4. compliance with European RoHS environmental directives and SONY SS00259 standard environmental requirements.
    5. offers a variety of specifications and colors.