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Anti-splash flame-retardant tube

Product Overview:

KY-TSB splash proof flame retardant tube , The outer layer is superior flame retardant PVC layer, the inner layer is high resilience PU tube(TPU) which have the effects of flame resistance, spark proof and splash proof.
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  • KY-TSB splash proof flame retardant tubing is environmentally friendly and tasteless, it has the properties of tensile resistance, strong tensile, high tear strength, wear resistance, flex resistance, penetration resistance, low temperature resistance, hydrolysis resistance and others, and have good resilience and long service life. Flame-resistant effect can be up to V0 level.

    sure installation length to the Fast-plug connectors, peel the outer layer with the striping tools.And then install the inner tube to the he Fast-plug connectors.

    Used for the pneumatic welding place of welding jig, welding robot ,and so on.

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  • Part No. Inner tube Outer layer Min. Bend radiusmm
    Outer  diameter 
    Inner  diameter
    KY-TSB0604 6 4 1 15
    KY-TSB0805 8 5 1 28
    KY-TSB1065 10 6.5 1 35
    KY-TSB1208 12 8 1 45

    Color:  Transparent, Black,  Orange , Blue, Red, Green.

  • Product features

    1, Non-toxic, tasteless. Provide excellent softness, small bending radius;

    2, Good shock resistance, light weight; 

    3, With excellent chemical performance, minimal pressure loss;  

    4, Hardness is a constant, long service life.

    5, Wide range of working temperature and working pressure.