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Divergence clamp for cable

Product Overview:

It is composed of metal + hot melt adhesive. The metal part is made of die-casting aluminum alloy and sprayed with black paint. EVA or PA hot melt adhesive is poured into the middle part to form. The products are small, medium, large and extra large. Product application: It is applicable to the divergence of heat shrinkable sleeve in the connection of communication cable (vertical / cap type optical cable joint box), the divergence of optical / cable connection, and the divergence of railway signal cable. It can be divided into two or three parts to realize the perfect divergence of cables! The hot-melt adhesive at the middle part can strengthen the gap filling of the heat shrinkable sleeve after the contraction, so that the heat shrinkable sleeve can achieve complete sealing and waterproof. Color: black aluminum alloy + orange red
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  • Operation index
    Softening temperature of PA (polyamide) hot melt adhesive 105 ℃
    Compliance standard: approvals
    RoHS compliant

  • Product model: length(mm) width(mm) drawing
    CM 65*28(trumpet) 65 28  
    CM 85*40(medium , please) 85 40  
    CM 104*59(large size) 104 59  
    CM 127*68(Extra large) 127 68  

     common specifications are small-sized branch clamp and medium-sized branch clamp, which are used in conjunction with heat shrinkable pipes with a diameter of less than 75mm (more than 45mm).