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Product Overview:

1KV Cold shrink cable accessories made of liquid silicon rubber vulcanization molding injection factor, then by extension , lined with plastic spiral support for the various cable attachment parts, on site insulation,the set of predefined expansion is processed at the end of the cable or connector service,taking the internal support plastic support bar, pressing in the cable insulation of cable attachments on the form.Because it’s at room temperature by elastic recoil force,rather than shrinkable cable accessory to use heat shrink , It’s commonly known as cold shrinkable cable accessories.
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  • Product Code NAME For Cable mm2
    1kV K1L -1/0 1KV- 1 CORE 10-16mm2
    1kV  K1L  -1/1   25-50mm2
    1kV  K1L  -1/2 Cold shrink terminal 70-120mm2
    1kV  K1L  -1/3   150-240mm2
    1kV  K1L  -1/4   300-400mm2
    1kV  K2L  -2/0 1KV- 2CORE 10-16mm2
    1kV  K2L  -2/1   25-50mm2
    1kV  K2L  -2/2 Cold shrink terminal 70-120mm2
    1kV  K2L  -2/3   150-240mm2
    1kV  K2L -2/4   300-400mm2
    1kV  K3L -3/0 1KV- 3 CORE 10-16mm2
    1kV  K3L -3/1   25-50mm2
    1kV  K3L-3/2 Cold shrink terminal 70-120mm2
    1kv  K3L -3/3   150-240mm2
    1kV  K3L -3/4   300-400mm2
    1kV  K4L -4/0 1KV- 4 CORE 10-16mm2
    1kV  K4L -4/1   25-50mm2
    1kV  K4L -4/2 Cold shrink terminal (3+1 70-120mm2
    1kV  K4L -4/3   150-240mm2
    1kV  K4L -4/4   300-400mm2
    1kV  K5L -5/0 1KV- 5 CORE 10-16mm2
    1kV  K5L -5/1   25-50mm2
    1kV  K5L -5/2 Cold shrink terminal (3+2,4+1) 70-120mm2
    1kV  K5L -5/3   150-240mm2
    1kV  K5L -5/4   300-400mm2
    1kV KM1 -1/0 1kV -1CORE- Cold shrink joints 10-16mm2
    1kV KM1 -1/1 25-50mm2
    1kV KM1 -1/2 70-120mm2
    1kV KM1 -1/3 150-240mm2
    1kV KM1 -1/4 300-400mm2
    1kV KM2 -2/0 1kV -2CORE- Cold shrink joints 10-16mm2
    1kV KM2 -2/1 25-50mm2
    1kV KM2 -2/2 70-120mm2
    1kV KM2 -2/3 150-240mm2
    1kV KM2 -2/4 300-400mm2
    1kVKM3 -3/0 1kV -3CORE- Cold shrink joints 10-16mm2
    1kV KM3 -3/1 25-50mm2
    1kV KM3 -3/2 70-120mm2
    1kV KM3 -3/3 150-240mm2
    1kV KM3 -3/4 300-400mm2
    1kV KM4 -4/0 1kV -4CORE- Cold shrink joints(3+1) 10-16mm2
    1kV KM4 -4/1 25-50mm2
    1kV KM4 -4/2 70-120mm2
    1kV KM4 -4/3 150-240mm2
    1kV KM4 -4/4 300-400mm2
    1kV KM5-5/0 1kV -5CORE- Cold shrink joints(3+2,4+1) 10-16mm2
    1kV KM5 -5/1 25-50mm2
    1kV KM5 -5/2 70-120mm2
    1kV KM5 -5/3 150-240mm2
    1kV KM5 -5/4 300-400mm2
  • Test project

    test method

    test results

    1min power frequency voltage (wet state)

    7.2kV NO breakdownNo flashover


     did not flashover and

    No breakdown in wet state

    Load cycle test(3time)

    Conductor heating to 90-95 , and each cycle is 8 h, 5 h of heating and cooling 3 h, three time cycle

    Complete three load cycle tests according to the standard requirements

    5min power frequency voltage test

    8kV no flashover, no breakdown

    8kV5min ,

    The combined samples

     failed to flashover and breakdown

    Ac voltage test

    7.2kVNO breakdownNo flashover

    The combined samples

     failed to flashover and breakdown