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PP Corrugated Hose

Product Overview:

WAG-PP Corrugated Hose meet environmentally&flame-retardant, PP- Plastic corrugated hose’s carefully processed by environmentally friendly modified polypropylene. PP Corrugated Tube is environmentally friendly and reliable, Ideal flame retardant effect, high mechanical load-bearing strength, good flexibility, good bending performance, anti-torsion, and abrasion resistance. PP Corrugated House resistant to acid, alkali, inorganic salt, lubricating oil, etc. It is an ideal product for line insulation protection and water supply and gas supply.
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  • WAG-PP Corrugated Tube products are widely used in machine tools, mechanical engineering, shipbuilding, communication lines, power engineering, electronic appliances, rail transit and industrial automation.





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  • Notice:  The PP Corrugated Tube has three temperature levels:   

    105 ℃ Celsius, 125℃ Celsius and 135℃ Celsius, Please choose according to your demand.


    Temperature resistance grade

     *working temperature*heat deformation temperature*heat aging temperature*heat aging temperature and test time comparison table: