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    KEYUACE-Wrap C-50 is a multilayer coating. The letter “C” means a mechanical resistance class, according to EN 12068 and DIN 30672 (2004). The number 50 indicates that the temperature of continuous working operation of this coating should not exceed 50°C.


    Coating designation according to EN 12068 - C50


    KEYUACE-Wrap C50 system is used mainly for the insulation of transmission steel pipelines (straight and arched sections of pipelines, fitting), tanks and other cylindrical objects.




    Apply the tape spirally in individual layers manually, or mechanically (e.g. using the hand wrapping machines), with preload (tension) that causes the tape to decrease its width by 1-2%. Apply the corrosion protection tape (KEYUACE-Wrap 740-32) with the black inner layer on a surface prepared to the grade of cleanliness according to Sa 2 ½ (allowed St 3), dry and degreased covered with the KEYUACE-Wrap Primer 720, finished to dust-free condition.  Temperature of the insulated surface should be at least 3°C higher than the dew point.

    The primer must be thoroughly mixed before using. NOTE!  This material is flammable! When applying indoors, ensure efficient ventilation.

    Before application condition the tape at 15÷300C.

    When applied, the coating should be smooth with no wrinkles or air bubbles. Overlaps should be equal.

    Approximately an hour after applying the coating, a pressed out, adhesive layer (the adhesive) should be visible at the edges of the mechanical protection tape, as a result of proper tension.

    To cover sharp objects (T-connectors, valves etc.) or to fill cavities of the coating (e.g. when repairing), always use the plastic filling mass KEYUACE-Wrap Mastic 710 or BUTYLMASTIK, provided in cubes (briquettes) of 1 kg.

    To soften the bulge of the weld face, use the above mentioned mass in the form of 3 mm thick and 60 mm wide tape.

    Apply KEYUACE-Wrap Mastic 710 / BUTYLMASTIK to a surface protected with primer.

    Check tightness of coating using a holiday detector with test voltage 5kV/mm of the coating thickness, however not higher than 15kV (EN 12068).