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Banana Plug

Product Overview:

KEYUACE' Banana plugs, Battery plugs, Drone plugs, Medical plugs, EC5 plugs and other products have been widely used in:    Lithium battery models (drones, ride-through machines, Remote control models, Electric toys, etc.), Lithium battery mobility tools ( Balancing Cars, twisting cars, Unicycles, Scooters etc.), Lithium battery power tools, Electric bicycles, Storage Energy equipment, Intelligent robots, Consumer electronics, Automotive new energy, Medical machinery, Instrumentation and other fields.
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  • Banana Plug / Banana male and female plug


    Material :  Brass

    Surface treatment:  Gold Plated

    Specifications:  Both Male and Female headers can be customized

    Pure copper gold plating, excellent conductivity .


    Application industry :






















    Key words:
    • Lantern Style Banana Plugs
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  • Speci(size) :  

             28.5mm (± 0.1mm)  *  3.8mm (± 0.03mm ) .

    Other sizes can be customized.