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BFPT naked fiber protection sleeving

Product Overview:

Bare Fiber protective tubes, also known as cable protection tubes, Bare Fiber protective casing, made of low density polyethylene (LDPE) direct extrusion molding, mainly used in fiber optic splice boxes, patch panels, optical bare fiber within the Cabinet and stripped bare fiber after protection. Can effectively protect the bare fiber optic fiber from damage, not easy to wreck.
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  • Product features:
    Bare Fiber protective tube, tube, tube shape, inside diameter is generally 3.2~3.3mm, thickness 7mm or more, the tube for bare fiber protection; flat tube for Ribbon fiber protection, translucent, small bending radius, curved corner-free on bare fiber provides very good protection against folding grip.
    Bare Fiber protective tubes produced by our company, products using pure polyethylene production, quality is far better than common PVC pipes on the market.

    Working temperature:
    Operating temperature:-55℃~100℃
    Low melting temperature:120℃

  • Product Number Inside diameter Wall thickness Shape Standard Packing
    (Height*Width) (mm) (M/Roll)
    BFPT 14 1.4 0.3 500m/r
    BFPT 20 2 0.5 300m/r
    BFPT 35 3.5 1 100m/r
    BFPT 24*34 2.4*3.4 1 100m/r
    BFPT 30*50 3.0*5.0 1 100m/r