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PX rubber-insulated wire optical fiber protection sleeving

Product Overview:

Transparent heat shrink tube (tube), transparent thermoplastic pipe (inner tube) and enhanced stainless steel rods (ribs), is dedicated to FTTH fiber to the home project, is designed for outdoor cable splice protection components. Heat welding modes, ability to Flex or Flex cable between cable and single-core all jumping between fiber splicing sleeve.
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  • Use:Mainly used in fiber optic splice boxes, cable terminal box, ODF box, broadband Internet, cable junction boxes, cable junction boxes and other product lines of communication optical fiber fusion splicer.
    Hot-melt temperature is low, hot melting fast, mechanical strength, temperature resistance, acid resistance, alkali resistance, aging and so on is greatly increased. For optical fiber transmission performance is guaranteed.
    Design of large diameter and protects cables, multi core, ISO-core optical fiber connection points.
    Ultra thin hot-melt pipe, hot melting time savings.
    Transparent casing for fiber connection status at a glance
    Sealed structure to continue to have good resistance to temperature and humidity property

  • Product Model After shrinking diameter(mm) Length(mm) Fuse tube Steel bars Notes
    Inside diameter(mm) Length(mm) OD(mm) Length(mm)  
    PX-32 2.7±0.1 32±0.1 3.7 32 0.7 30  
    PX-60 3.1±0.1 60±0.1 3.7 60 1 56  
    PX-28D 2.9±0.1 28±0.1 4 28 0.5 27 Single steel bar
    PX-28B 2.9±0.1 28±0.1 4 28 0.5 27 Dual steel bar
    PX-30SP 2.9±0.1 30±0.1 2.9 30 0.5 29.5  

    Specifications are as follows:
        Single PIN, 0.5 0.7 single-PIN, 1.0 single-PIN, 1.5 single needle (heat-shrinkable tube diameter 3.3mm,3.5mm,3.9mm)
        Double pin, 0.5 0.7 the wire double spin pin, 1.5, 1.0 (heat-shrinkable tube diameter 3.3mm,3.5mm,3.9mm)
    Length: 20mm ~ 200mm.