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Led-PET special heat shrink tube for LED lamp of anti-explosion tube

Product Overview:

Explosion-proof lamp LED light light diffusing heat-shrinkable sleeve made of PET material, with excellent high transmittance, good cooling, insulation, protection glass breakage not to cause harm. PET light diffusion heat shrinkable sleeve use on T5, T8, T10,  T12 LED Lamp for light diffusion ,It can also have a slight explosion-proof effect.
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  • PET light diffusion heat shrinkable sleeve
    Product features:

    1. LED-PET heat shrinkable tube are used to white LED point light source evenly into surface of the fluorescent light source, to the effect of light.

    2. the light diffusion principle of heat-shrinkable sleeve of their uniform light refractive index of light in different media across so many light refraction and reflection, scattering, get the optical diffusion effect.

    3 ,  PET  light diffusion heat shrinkable sleeve have 2 kinds , single color , double color .

    4. transmission rate can reach 85-93%, haze and 95-99%, can be processed according to customer requirements.

    5. Green: in line with the EU RoHS Directive requirements, and without the traditional energy-saving lamp of mercury and UV rays, pollution, energy saving low carbon.

    Product application:

    Suitable for LED glass T5.T6.T8.T10.T12. lamp light diffusion and explosion-proof (such as the food industry, etc).

  • Product Number. ID(mm) LED SIZE(mm) Lay flat(mm) Wall thickness(mm) Horizontal shrinkage ratio(mm) Vertical Shrinkage ratio(mm)
    LED-PET 018 F18.0 T5(16±0.5) 30.0±0.3 0.10±0.02 45±4 7-31
    LED-PET 029 F29.5 T8(26.0±0.5) 46.8±0.3 0.10±0.02 45±4 7-31
    LED-PET 033 F33.0 T10(32±0.5) 55 ± 0.3 0.10±0.02 45±4 7-31

    Standard colours: white, other colors can be customized.

  • Operation indicator:

    Shrink temperature :60℃

    End temperature:125℃
    Working temperature:-55℃~125℃