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HGY-AD high-silica self-adhesive tape

Product Overview:

Han tai high silica adhesive tape composed of more than 96% purity silica fiber, back glue type design can be fully fit in the piping or equipment, high silica adhesive tape well coated on special-shaped pipe or equipment, high temperature resistant and heat preservation and heat insulation effect significantly. Han tai high silica adhesive tape can be work for a long time in high temperature above 1000 degrees Celsius environment, temperature resistant performance is extremely remarkable. Attached to a pressure type of gum, make the construction more convenient, pressure type of gum that you can in the high temperature decomposition, and close to perfect cladding dwell hose, cable and pipe, is suitable for the working condition of pipeline complicated or difficult to remove Han tai high silica adhesive tape applied to metallurgy, electric power, coal and other industries in the working condition of ultra high temperature environment under the protection of the cable, hose, to ensure the operation safety and smoothly.
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  • PART NO. Width/mm Thickness/mm Roll Length/mtr
    HYG-AD-25 25 0.7,1.3 10
    HYG-AD-50 50 0.7,1.3 10
    HYG-AD-100 100 0.7,1.3 10