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SRFR silica gel glass fiber packing

Product Overview:

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  • Product introduction:
    Silica glass fiber packing is made of glass fibre packing surface coated with a thick silicon rubber or silicon resin, can be divided into round rope and Fang Sheng, used for high temperature oven door seal, 260 ℃ heat, super insulation and corrosion resistant pollution, can have very good sealing isolation effect. Is a green substitute for asbestos products.
  • Thickness/Square Rope Thickness / Round Rope
    3*3mm--5*5mm ¢3--¢4mm
    6*6mm--10*10mm ¢5--¢6mm
    12*12mm--16*16mm ¢8--¢10mm
    18*18mm--24*24mm ¢12--¢18mm
    25*25mm ¢19--¢25mm
    100*100mm ¢25--¢100m

    There are usually two colors, red and black.