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SRTA silica gel heat-resistant swathing band

Product Overview:

Silicone heat resistant winding belt made by non-alkali glass fiber winding weaving, surface covered with a thick iron oxide red silicone, can effectively stop the molten iron splash, and should not be damaged by high temperature and fire, fire prevention, heat insulation, heat preservation. Is high temperature area hose, steam pipe, cable protection products. Continuous exposure to a temperature of 260 degrees without being damaged, can bear under temperature as high as 1090 degrees 15-20 minutes, can withstand 1650 degrees temperature 15 to 30 seconds. Its flame retardant properties in addition to being able to effectively avoid suffering from high fever piping hot damage, more can greatly save the cost of the thermal energy loss. Very suitable for coated hose and cable.
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  • Part No. Width/mm Thickness/mm Roll Length /mtr
    SRTA-25 25 1.2 20
    SRTA-50 50 2.0 20
    SRTA-100 100 2.9 20
    SRTA-150 150 3.5 20
    SRTA-200 200 4.0 20

    General color: Red