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SRTS-AD silica gel self-adhesive tape

Product Overview:

SRTS - AD silica gel from tangle belt by the high temperature can be spliced adhesive made from inorganic silicon rubber, easy tear tape on the attached cover, can use for a long time under 250 ℃ temperature.
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  • Range of application:
    1. The state electricity high voltage power supply system, cable, connectors, outdoor bandage an indispensable strip, high pressure, switches, etc.
    2. metallurgy, chemical industry, large equipment cable accessories.
    3. Bandage band material required for the cable industry.
    4. light rail tunnel,, steel mills, shipyards, automobile industry, the national power plants, aerospace industry, having the ship, railway trains, underground engineering construction, waterproof material of belt conveyor.

  • PART NO. Width/mm Thickness/mm Roll Length/mtr
    SRTS-AD-25 25 0.5,0.7,1.0 10/20
    SRTS-AD-50 50 0.5,0.7,1.0 10/20
    SRTS-AD-100 100 0.5,0.7,1.0 10/20

    Regular, two colors, red and black.