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BJ - BZ platinum color woven network management

Product Overview:

Platinum color woven net tube used polyester silk finely woven metal color, the product has good heat reflection, and strong metal feeling characteristics, at the same time, the product has the advantage of light quality, smooth surface gloss, excellent characteristics.
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    Key words:
    • Braided sleeving
  • Part NO. Lay flat(W) Bundle DIA Packing(L)
    Metric (MM) Min(mm) Max(mm)
    BJ-BZ006 6 5 8 100M/roll
    BJ-BZ008 8 7 10 100M/roll
    BJ-BZ012 12 10 16 100M/roll
    BJ-BZ019 19 18 26 100M/roll
    BJ-BZ032 32 31 42 100M/roll
    BJ-BZ038 38 37 49 100M/roll

    Case note:
    1.product specification is refers to the network management of diameter (flat width).
    2.we can provide special packaging according to customer requirements, size and color of network management.
    3.all the data above is commonly used value, not including customized size