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DTP carpet sleeving

Product Overview:

Made of polyester multifilament and nylon hook stitching, it can be used to fix and protect the wires and cables placed on the carpet. It has the characteristics of free disassembly and assembly of hook surface, which is beneficial to the removal and maintenance of wires and cables, and has good flame retardancy, wear resistance and heat insulation.
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  • Part NO. Width(MM) Thickness(MM) Packing(L)
    DTP -076 76 0.7 25M/roll
    DTP -100 100 0.7 25M/roll

    1, the actual order in the model indicate the color you want.
    2, we can according to customer requests for special packaging, size, and color of the product.
    3, all of the data to a common value, excluding custom sizes.
    4, product details, please sample acknowledgement shall prevail.

  • Material: polyester
    Working temperature: -50℃ — 150℃
    Melting point: 240 ± 10℃
    Flame retardant grade: UL94 V2
    Standard Color: Black
    Certification: ROHS
    Cutting tool: hot cutter