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Convex Fork - Type Heat Shrink Terminals

Product Overview:

Convex Fork - Type Heat Shrink Terminals , made by hot-melt glue heat shrink tube + 99% Pure copper, Excellent insulation protection system, waterproof and corrosion-proof, high-purity copper pipe copper pipe is in the Middle, with excellent conductivity. Commonly used in wiring, wiring harness, protection for electrical connectors, fixation in a rough environment and earthquake dynamic function. HSCT-Convex Fork Type Heat Shrink Terminals(Fork Terminals Water proof connector), Compared with conventional connectors, more durable, and easy to install, low installation cost advantage.
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  •  Examples of wire terminals and splices include:

    Convex Fork - Type Heat Shrink Terminals

    Ring Terminals
    Space Connectors
    Splice Connectors
    Butt Splice
    Bootlace Ferrules
    Fork Terminals
    Screw Terminals 

    Product features:

    Shrinkage 3:1, red, blue and yellow colors
    PA hot melt adhesive with excellent waterproof performance
    Excellent extension properties, resistance to mechanical damage, ensure that the outer layer is not damaged
    Good electrical properties, high elasticity, pipe warp

    Conformance to standard:Approvals
    comply with UL224、ROHS2.0

    Products illustrated as follows:

    Key words:
    • Fork Terminals
    • Convex Fork
    • Waterproof connection joint
    • Water proof connector
  • Product selection Color Cable Size Bolt specification Wide Length AS supplied SIZE (Ø
    Inch mm
    Convex Fork - Type Heat Shrink Terminals , Inserts Size
    HSCT-1.25-01G RED 22-18,  ( 0.5-1.0 ) 0.25*0.032 6.48*0.8 6.6 33 4.7
    HSCT-2.0-02G BLUE 16-14,  ( 1.5-2.5 ) 0.25*0.032 6.48*0.8 6.6 33 5.7
    HSCT-5.5-03G YELLOW 12-10, ( 4.0-6.0 ) 0.25*0.032 6.48*0.8 6.6 33 6.7
  • Operation indicator:

    Shrink temperature:80℃
    End temperature:130℃
    Working temperature:-55℃~125℃


    Product Property Test method Test Date
    Unaged Tensile strength room temperature ≧15.9MPa
    Elongation   ≧200%
    Aged Tensile strength 159℃/7 days ≧11.6MPa
    Elongation   ≧100%
    Voltage withstand and breakdown voltage ( Unaged ) room temperature 2500V,60sec, 
    No breakdown
    Voltage withstand and breakdown voltage ( aged ) 159℃/7 days Withstand 2.5KV for 1minute and breakdown at least half of unaged bread down voltage
    Copper corrosion   pass
    Copper stable   No sign of degradation Min.Elongation 100%
    Cold Blend -30℃/3H No crack
    Harsh Environment and the function of shock(2%) - 250MPa
    Volume Resistivity - ≧1014Ω-cm
    Heat Shock 250℃/4H No crack