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TPU hose for pond aeration / Wastewater treatment TPU Tubing

Product Overview:

TPU Aerator membrane /TPU membrane The physical and chemical performance, economy and life of the aeration system largely depend on the properties of the membrane. Such as pressure loss and uniformity, hydrolysis resistance, environmental protection, non-toxicity, etc. TPU tube aerator membrane is based on the customer's project status feedback over the years, combined with the characteristics of the sewage treatment situation, and optimized the ratio of raw materials, thereby upgrading and improving an aeration diaphragm tube, the aeration bubbles are tiny , uniform air distribution, effectively reducing the shear damage of air bubbles on active pollution particles, improving systemic activity and service life, and at the same time achieving the purpose of environmental protection. Factory direct sales TPU variable hole aeration hose / PU aeration belt / soft aerator accessories / PU sewage aeration pipe , widly use in : Agricultural irrigation and drainage pipes, sewage pipes, municipal sweat, wastewater, chemical wastewater, printing and dyeing wastewater, pharmaceutical wastewater, etc.
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    Large size TPU Tube/Hose for industrial wastewater aeration system / TPU Aeration Sleeving .

    The product is a hose-type microporous aeration tube. Many tiny aeration holes are opened on the tube wall with advanced equipment, and the micropores are opened during aeration. Aeration, the pressure of water and its own elasticity make the micropores closed when not aerated, which prevents the backflow of sewage and sludge to a certain extent, thereby preventing sewage and sludge from clogging the aerator.
    Tpu (polyurethane) microporous aerator diaphragm is a new type of aerator diaphragm, which has the advantages of tensile resistance, strong tension, high tear strength, wear resistance, bending resistance, penetration resistance and low temperature resistance. , hydrolysis resistance, aging resistance, acid and alkali resistance and other properties, and has good resilience and long service life.

    Hydrolysis-resistant transparent TPU Tube used in the sewage treatment industry, Large size TPU Hose for industrial wastewater aeration system ,TPU aeration Sleeving.

    Key words:
    • Hydrolysis resistant transparent TPU Tubing
    • TPU aeration Hose
    • PU Tube for pond aeration
    • TPU diaphragm
  • Common specifications of  TPU Aeration membrane :

    1. Diameter/folded width of aeration Sleeving : 50mm, 65mm, 80mm, 90mm, 100mm (ID65), 120mm (ID78), 145mm (ID93), 185mm (ID115), (other specifications can be customized according to customer needs)


    Second, the length of the TPU Aeration Tube :

    1.  It is used as the aeration diaphragm of the tubular aerator.  The common specifications are mainly 500mm, 750mm, 1000mm, etc.  (other lengths can be customized according to customer requirements)

    2.  It is used as an aeration hose, and the specific length is customized according to the size and specification of the customer's aeration tank.

  •  TPU Aeration Membrane Performance Parameters
    Test items Standard test result test result
    or indicator
    Standard ventilation flow
    6m3/h 12m3/h
    (2m3/h.m) (4m}/h.m)
    Oxygenation capacity (kg/h) ≧0.10 0.38 0.67 1.27 qualified
    Oxygen utilization (%) ≧17 44.8 39.8 37.8 qualified
    Theoretical Dynamical Efficiency (kg/kWh) ≧4 11.2 9.9 9.3 qualified
    drag loss (Pa 4421 4772 5523
    Appearance The aerator distributes air evenly. meet the requirements
    Size(spec.) ID65mm meet the requirements
    sealing performance During normal aeration,
    The non-aeration hole parts shall not leak air.。
    meet the requirements
    Test Conditions Water depth 6 M, service area 0.33m2/m ( l m2/3m ); 
    standard gas volume 1, 2, 4m3/h.m;
    Air pressure 0.0645, 0.0649, 0.0660Mpa;
    Water temperature 28.0 ~ 28.4 ℃;
    Temperature 28℃ - 29℃
    Other features: hydrolysis resistance