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Large size PU Tube resistant to hydrolysis / Microporous aeration TUP Tube

Product Overview:

The high-transparency TPU Tube for water treatment system is made of imported raw materials and can be used in sewage treatment tanks in various fields as a tubular aeration system. KEYUACE can accept the aeration punching process of TPU Hose. High transparent TPU hose has the advantages of high pressure resistance, low resistance, high oxygen transfer rate, anti-aging, acid and alkali resistance, wear resistance, bending resistance, and can withstand high and low temperature changes from 80 degrees to minus 40 degrees. Large size PU Tube resistant to hydrolysis can be used in High-density farms, biological contact oxidation ponds, petrochemicals, oil refining, coking, printing and dyeing, pharmaceuticals, brewing, industrial wastewater and urban sewage etc.
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  • Large size TPU Tube / Microporous aeration TUP Tube resistant to hydrolysis Supply of fine air bubbles; Oxygen for activated sludge nitrification; Continuous/intermittent gas supply system; Oxygen delivery before biological reaction and fixed bed; Mixing and stirring of activated sludge tanks (municipal and industrial wastewater); Grit tank ventilation; Aerobic aeration tank Aeration; water re-restoration systems; aquaculture, etc.

    Why do we need sewage treatment plants?

    Sewage treatment is a type of wastewater treatment that aims to remove contaminants from sewage water to produce an effluent that is suitable for reuse and discharge to the surrounding environment.

    Wastewater generated from domestic households and businesses and possibly pre-treated industrial wastewater can be looked at either as “waste” or “pollution” or as a source of revenue and cost-saving by treating it  removing the contaminant and reusing the “Treated Sewage Effluent ”  in several applications and saving the cost of alternative expensive water such as  :



    Makeup for cooling towers.

    Network flushing and cleaning.

    Recharge aquifers

    Reduce the salt content in certain groundwater.

    Industrial systems.

    Vehicle washing systems.

    At the global level, an estimated 52% of sewage is treated. However, sewage treatment rates are highly unequal for different countries around the world. For example, while high-income countries treat approximately 74% of their sewage, developing countries treat an average of just 4.2%.

    Earlier sewage and wastewater was discharged to rivers, sea or oceans contaminating the main source that we need to generate drinking water for us and new generations to come, it is time now to think about future and treat the sewage and wastewater and use it efficiently.

    As a dedicated supplier of aeration TPU membranes/TPU hoses /TPU Tube for wastewater treatment plants, KEYUACE will work with you to develop customized wastewater treatment services that meet your needs using the most advanced technology.

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    Microporous aeration TUP Hose / TPU film tube protects the aeratorTPU Aeration HoseTPU Aeration MembraneTPU Membrane/ TPU Aeration Tube.

    Key words:
    • Large size PU Tube
    • resistant to hydrolysis PU Tube
    • Wastewater Treatment
    • Microporous aeration TUP Tube
  • Commonly used specifications:
    Width 185MM, width 145MM, width 100MM, etc., can be customized according to customer requirements.

  • Technical Parameter:

    1. Compared with EPDM and silica gel on the existing market, it is more energy-saving due to high efficiency and low pressure loss;

    2. There is no softener in the TPU diaphragm, and the service life is long and unbroken;

    3. Wider ventilation range: normal ventilation: 3Nm-2/h • m - 8Nm-2/h • m , minimum ventilation up to: 1 Nm-2/h • m, maximum ventilation up to 1 Nm-2/h • m ,, up to 18 Nm-2/h • m when flushing with atmospheric volume;

    4. More oxygen can be obtained relative to the same aeration density;

    5. Fine and consistent bubble size;

    6. Excellent tear and abrasion resistance (2.5 - 4 times mechanical strength, higher than most EPDM and silicone;

    7. Excellent chemical properties;

    8. Excellent resistance practicality in municipal and industrial;

    9. Resistance to microbial hydrolysis, oil resistance, water resistance, mold resistance;

    10. Good recyclability;